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Happy 2016!! This week’s theme for our first challenge of 2016 via our new blog is: DREAMS COME TRUE.

KarriUntitled, Acrylic on canvas

I thought this was very appropriate for this weeks challenge. This is a commission for a school in Mississippi. For me, being paid to paint is a dream come true.

CONGRATS, Karri on being paid for your wonderful artwork! I love the passage of time in her piece and how everything in the image is connected together and yet they all stand apart on their own. Great job, Karri!


Karri dreams


EmilyUntitled, Pen and ink with watercolor on paper.

Super speedy sketchy thing for this week! Dreams come true was difficult for me actually, I ended up deciding that dreams come true with determination and looking forward! I also did a bit of a hazy coloured background because my dreams are hazy and they always have been, I just dream for me and the people around me to be happy 🙂

I can relate to Emily’s determination to do something even when it feels too difficult. I love the soft watercolor staining in the background juxtapose with the strong black marks of the pen. The woman’s eyes are so intense with curiosity, I want to see what she sees.

Emily dreams


Ina- Untitled, Acrylic on canvas

For my Dreams Come True I finally painted for myself a Sharon McDaid painting after 5 years of dreaming of having one! As I am such a big fan of her work, she is an Irish painter and paints Irish landscapes scenes mostly today. She takes photos and recreates them later in her studio and in her signature bright colours. I love her colour use and I love the way her paintings look both imaginary and real at the same time. I guess she brings out the true Irish spirit out which is not visible to the naked eye. The red soil is turf as 80% of the Irish land is turf or bog land, and mostly it can only be used to farm animals like sheep.. Hence why you get sheep in the field. I guess I didn’t believe I can match her work and its probably not that great, but I feel happy to finally have conquered this piece. I guess one can make their own dreams come true!

PS If someone has a spare 5-6k you might get an original!

What a beautiful colorful dreamy landscape! the warm and cool colors both echo and pop against each other. The sheep are so sweet and content in their happiness, I don’t even think they realize they exist amongst such beauty!

Ina Dreams


ValMy Dreams, Mix media on paper.

Val is an ambitious young girl, she explained to me that her piece was about all the dreams that she wants to accomplish in her life. Her dream to attend Princeton University, to be the best cheerleader and artist that she can be, to be a doctor in the future so she can help people.

I believe anyone looking at this collage of dreams could sense that Val has a strong spirit and is capable of achieving it all!




Taylor – Unicorn on Blue Grass, Crayon on Paper.

Taylor has an imagination that is unbeatable! She dreamt that a Unicorn was dancing with imaginary king and queens on blue grass and this is what she hopes will come true for her. I hope so too, Taylor!



Amber: Untitled (for now), watercolor, pen and ink on paper

This is a companion piece to the image I created for “gratitude”. It is incomplete, the piece is larger than most pieces I have made for the Art Challenge and I am still working out composition issues with the image.

My thoughts are that we make our dreams come true and my main dreams in life are for artistic/creative progress and for plenty of travel. To illustrate the progress of artistic skills I referenced visual themes and styles from my early childhood, middle school and adulthood drawings. The image is meant to be read from left to right. The left side indicating that the young girl (not yet drawn in) is inside her home drawing and the right side indicating she left home for an adventure. The evolution of artistic style also meant to indicate the transition of a dream becoming reality.

dreams 1

dreams 2

Dreams 3


Thanks for visiting us!

Next theme: HOME


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